Andrew Jones – Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, Counsellor Counselling Supervisor and Hypnopsychotherapist

andrew-jonesAndrew is a qualified to practitioner of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Person Centred Counselling and Hypnopsychotherapy with over 8 years experience. He is a Member of the BACP (MBACP) and part of their accredited Voluntary Register.
Andrew is a fully qualified Counselling Supervisor working with qualified supervisees and those in counselling training. He also works as an Independent Mental Health Advocate (IMHA) with people who have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act. He is a retired teacher and a fully trained listening Samaritan.
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a form of counselling that is based on challenging behaviour and thoughts. CBT is founded on the idea that our thoughts cause our feelings and behaviours, not external things, like people, situations, and events. The benefit of this fact is that we can change the way we think to feel and act better even if the situation does not change. We can learn to react to the same situation, but in a different, more practical and rational way. We can learn to help ourselves.
What enables CBT to be a brief therapy is its highly interactive nature and the fact that it makes use of homework assignments. CBT is time-limited in that we help clients understand at the very beginning of the therapy process that there will be a point when the formal therapy will end. CBT is not an open-ended, never-ending process. CBT is for those clients who want to do be more active in their own wellbeing.

Andrew has experience of working with clients using CBT in these areas;

Anger Management
Anxiety and Phobias
Bi-Polar (Manic Depression)
Challenging Behaviour Patterns
Eating disorders
Hypochondriasis – health anxiety
Low Self Esteem/Confidence
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Relationship Issues
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Work related issues e.g. stress, bullying

Andrew also works as a Person Centred counsellor and has experience in bereavement and loss. His work can involve several different types of therapy, dependant on the client’s wants and needs.

Andrew works according to the BACP Ethical Framework and undergoes regular Supervision.

Andrew’s qualifications include BSc (HONS) a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, HNC in Law, Post Graduate Diploma in Employment Law, Diploma in Counselling (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Model), Diploma in Hypnopsychotherapy, Certificate in Person Centred Counselling and a Level 6 Certificate in Counselling Supervision.




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