Otilia Pipis – Bowen Technique

I’ve practiced sports even since I was a little child and this is how I’ve learned that exercise HELPS OUR BODY WORK AND GROW IN HARMONY.
When the time came for me to make a career choice, I have decided to study THE STATE OF HEALTH AND DISEASE as well as how to HELP the people around me; thus I chose to attend the SANITARY HIGHSCOOL and then a 3-year post high school, also in NURSING.

Then, in order to make a combination of the two, I decided to continue my studies at the FACULTY OF PHISICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT, specialized in KINETOTHERAPY and then OCUPATIONAL THERAPY (advanced studies). After I had done my studies, don’t you imagine I could put all my theoretical knowledge into practice.
I’ve had a variety of experiences, each of them bringing a contribution to the person that I am today.

After a while, though, I’ve learnt that each individual has three aspects that must be maintained in perfect balance in order to remain healthy or to regain our health: our BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. Meaning that, it is not enough to exercise and take pills if we do not make peace within ourselves ( we work in a hostile environment, we live in a hostile environment and we do it for money or because ”this is how it is done”).

After I had become a mother, my children have taught me that all of us have everything that we need in order to function properly within ourselves. I went on and, because I want to HELP MAINTAINING AND / OR REGAINING THE STATE OF HEALTH without causing additional suffering, I graduated the BOWEN ACADEMY from Australia and I have become a BOWEN THERAPIST.

I am full member of the Bowen Association UK (BAUK) and registered with Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council UK (CNHC).

Contact Otilia

Clinic +44 1204 361463
Mobile +44 7414 907415
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