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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a form of treatment which seeks to achieve cure at a deeper level of awareness than we are accustomed to using in ordinary life. Lying somewhere between complete wakefulness and deep sleep is that state of consciousness which Hypnotherapists use in order to improve either a person’s health or ability to function freely. It is known as the hypnotic state.

The state is induced by therapists during a consultation but is otherwise similar to one occurring quite naturally when daydreaming, or in passing into waking from sleep.

It is a state we all recognise and are familiar with as part of the normal rhythm of our lives. When in this state, patients remain aware of their surroundings as it is a condition of altered consciousness and not unconsciousness.

How does it work?

The therapist uses the client’s co-operation to bring about physical or mental changes when in the hypnotic state. These changes may include healing physical illness, reducing pain, promoting relaxation or gaining insight into present difficulties and those past events which may have some bearing upon them. In this way, mental and emotional blockages may be gently released and clients freed to move on, being more in control of their lives and able to take more appropriate and effective action.

The therapist, using positive images and suggestions that are more readily accepted by someone in the hypnotic state starts this process. Once accepted by the subconscious are acted upon by the conscious mind, energised by the client’s own desire for change.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

People come for Hypnotherapy for many different reasons. It may be that:

You are experiencing an immediate crisis, such as bereavement, job loss or end of a relationship (anxiety and stress).
You may not be happy with yourself.
You may feel over or underweight.
More and more people find that smoking is anti-social, as well as bad for their health, but cannot (addictions).
You may be frightened of flying, or spiders, or even the dark (phobias).
Maybe you just need some deep relaxation! (Who doesn’t at some time?)
Even general levels of performance can be improved and enhanced.

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