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St Georges

Multi-Therapy Centre

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About us

St. Georges Multi-Therapy Centre originated in 1985, and provides traditional therapies alongside complementary therapies in a modern, pleasant and professional environment. All practitioners are fully qualified and experienced in their field of practice.

How therapies can help you

Many people are discovering the benefits of various complementary and alternative therapies in helping with their health care, not only in terms of illness but also as a way of improving and maintaining their general health, fitness, energy and as a way of combating stress. Constant ill health often stems from a combination of factors involving a person's general lifestyle, diet and hereditary background.


Each therapy has definite areas of effectiveness, some appropriate to actual illness, others help towards inner growth and many bridge between the two. Some deal effectively with existing physical problems, bad backs, sprains, indigestion and earache, whilst others deal with re-training the body to function better so such problems are less likely to arise in the first place eg. relax properly, improve posture and encourage positive attitudes. 

The therapies we offer

Booking information

The Centre is open Monday - Friday at

09:00 - 17:00

We are also open Saturday at

09:00 - 13:00

If you interested in booking in then either: 

Call us on 01204 361 463

Request a call back on the contact page

A receptionist will be able to book your appointment to suit your convenience and or give you further information about the therapy you are interested in. If you wish to meet a particular therapist before booking, please ask the receptionist to arrange a short free meeting. 


The large pay and display car park behind the building is the best place to park to make use of full disabled access at the rear of the practice.

Please note we charge for missed or cancelled appointments with less than 24hr notice.

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