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Bowen Technique

What is Bowen Technique?

The underlying principal of Bowen Therapy is that:

“The human body has an innate capacity for self-regulation and healing”

So if the body is given the right environment then it increases the opportunity for it to heal itself.
It is a very gentle form of natural healing. In order to appreciate its subtlety and depth the therapy needs to be experienced.

Bowen Therapy involves only light gentle rolling movements applied to very specific points on the body then short breaks are left before the next moves are made, this allows time for the brain to process the stimulation, respond to the messages being sent and integrate this to start the healing process. The treatment is performed over light clothing and can be administered sitting up if it is too uncomfortable to lie on the treatment table.

After their first experience people normally struggle to understand how such gentle moves can have such a powerful effect on not only their structural problems i.e. back, neck, shoulder pain but also on their general wellbeing.

Various studies have shown that forceful manipulation is not always needed to achieve significant changes, in fact often the lighter the touch the more effective, profound and prolonged the final effect.

Bowen Therapy originated in Australia by a gentleman called Tom Bowen who had an amazing ability to be able to assess peoples postures and work out where there was problems with their posture causing pain and with a few of his gentle rolling moves release that tension. It is now an integral part of the health care system in Australia.

Bowen Therapy can be effective for a whole range of different issues, acute and chronic injuries, back pain, neck/shoulder restrictions, knee pain, but it can also be beneficial to people suffering with respiratory conditions, allergies, chronic fatigue, stress, and infertility issues, the list is in exhaustive.

If you are unsure if Bowen Therapy would help your particular problem please call for a chat.

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