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What is Counselling?

People have always felt the need to discuss their problems. A problem shared is a problem halved. In the past, with extended families, close knit communities and a strong religious influence, it was easier to find people to talk to.

Nowadays we tend to live in more isolated and pressurised lives, and access to a professional counsellor, to offer a listening, supportive ear, is growing ever more necessary.

It is now recognised that counselling can be crucial in the treatment of many chronic physical, as well as obviously emotional or psychological conditions, and many orthodox doctors and nurses recommend visiting a counsellor, or even train in counselling themselves.

There are numerous approaches to counselling, but in common they offer the clients the opportunity to air their feelings (often saying things they find impossible to express to their family and friends) in a supportive atmosphere. Then, together with the counsellor, they set some goals and action plans to be implemented with the counsellor’s support, or look to the longer term aim of building up health or strength.

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